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Sign Solutions

The most important component of your company’s marketing brand strategy is its signage.  It’s a reflection of the type of service your organization provides and speaks volumes about your brand.

Whether you are a start-up or need a fresh look due to a rebrand, we have unlimited options for your business needs.
Your sign’s messaging can be compared to a visual salesperson driving leads to your business and dollars to your pockets and is a decision that you can trust us to walk you through every step of the way!

Electrical Construction

Don’t let a couple of wires prevent you from earning money!

Schedule an appointment TODAY and allow one of our trusted professionals to give you an estimate providing a solution that will keep you working as scheduled stress-free!

Already in a pickle? Call us NOW at Bolinger Construction and get someone out on the scene and get your company back to work immediately!

Construction Management

As your business changes and grows, so do your needs. Bolinger Group wants to be there for you every step of the way!
Are you doing more e-commerce and shipping business than prior seasons and need to add a dock area or knock out a wall to add more workable space? We provide solutions with realistic expectations without breaking the bank.
Has your business grown at a rate in which you are expanding and need our team to do the design and gather the permits?
Have you expanded or moved and you need regular building maintenance without the overhead of hiring a facilities manager “in house?”

Engineering & Design

Bolinger Group has been a major contributor to the Industrial and Commercial world of Engineering and Design. We can provide full detail solutions with designs and stamped drawings.
Facilities (including Additions and New construction)
Permit Procurement Drawings
Lighting and Energy Optimization
Electrical Layout

Lighting Solutions

Bolinger Construction partners with you – distributors, architects, engineers, designers, facility and operations managers, contractors – to simplify your project, keep it within budget and high quality. And because we’re a vertically integrated lighting manufacturer we offer more choices and, partnering with us allows you to reduce lighting vendor management.

Chances are we have a lighting solution perfect for your project.  Bolinger Construction offers complete custom light manufacturing and prototyping services.